Thursday, November 15, 2007


The fat cyclist "get a grip" one week weight loss challenge is rough. This seems like the week of temptation at the school. If I had known that my I was going to be doing this challenge when I wrote my curriculumn at the beginning of the term it would be easier. It is the week were all of the focus areas of my classes seems to be on some of my favorite things to eat. It also seems like we are cooking more know than ever before or is it just me wishing I could splurge and eat everything in sight because the major thing that I changed diet wise was my protioning which this challenge has made me take a look at and my protions are to big for the off season. One problem is that I still do have to taste all the products that my students make to check to see if it is cooked properly, seasoned correctly etc. It's just one bite but yesterday morning alone I had seven teams of 2 in the kitchen making three different dishes of Veal and Lamb each. That's 21 bites all before 10:30 am. But it is going well I have lost 4.5 lbs with very little excercise and no saddle time cause of a busy week at the consulting gig.

It's time to go get a snack (air popped popcorn no butter lightly salted) and check out a new book that I am thinking about using for a class.



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