Sunday, January 6, 2008

Gravel/Road Ride

Headed out today planning for a gravel ride and ended up spending most of my time on the road. I left on a gravel road near a trail head and followed it until it ended and then I crossed a highway and ended up on a county road heading west. I just followed it and headed around to do a loop through the NE Countryside. It ended up being a nice ride and the gravel roads where pretty wet from all of the melting snow with the temps being in the low 40's.
I ended the ride with a chase. I pulled off into a drive way about 4 miles from my house to put away my camera and get a gel out(I was having problems getting it out of my middle pocket with my bigger fox gloves on) and another rider had just turned off a side road and went past me. So I finished putting my camera up and checked my phone( I was expecting a call but didn't want to wait around at home for it) and then started back up. The rider that had passed me was quite far ahead of me know and for some reason I just have to catch up to people that get out in front of me. I ended catching him about 2 miles later and rode his wheel the rest of the way home. I ended up finishing this stretch of the ride about 8 minutes faster than normal(I'm a clock watcher). I told my wife maybe I should try to send some riders out ahead of me sometimes to get me to ride faster. I seem to ride my fastest when I have a "rabbit" to chase.

It was good to see a lot of riders out today. Even though I was snubbed by a group of roadies heading in the opposite direction. I waved and they all just looked at me kinda strange. I don't know if they thought I didn't belong on the side of a road on a fully knobbed Mountain Bike or what.

Anyways I figured I put in a good 20+ miles today. It felt nice to be out on a bike and not have my fingers and toes being completely frozen. Here's some pics:

I ended up with some gravel cast off all over. It even hit me in the back of the helmet.

This train about scared me off the bike. I took this shot and when I was putting the camera away it got right next to me and blazed on it's horn. I'm sure it would have been funny to see.



VeloCC said...

It was good weather for riding:)

Bluenoser said...

You have to love chasing a rabbit.