Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A New Year & a Race Schedule

I hope that everyone had a fun and safe new years eve and didn't get into any trouble. Me I didn't do anything exciting. Just worked all day and then spent the rest of the evening at home reading and finishing up my race schedule. The only eventful thing that happened in my house was my dogs went nuts when some of the neighbors set off some fireworks.

As for the race schedule it looks like I pretty much have 08 figured out. Looks like 15 races unless a couple of others pop up which I'm still looking at a couple of race series that usually happen not to far away that haven't put out dates yet. A couple of the races on the schedule may not happen cause they are a little farther away but I want to try to make it to em. This season is important to me cause it is going to tell me in what direction I want to take my cycling. I am disappointed that there are only 3 endurance events in the area. I really want to try some endurance races. I think that they may be a good fit for me.

Other than that I'm just trying to get myself mentally prepared to go back to work. I have a meeting and some set up stuff to do with Arborlinks tomorrow and then back it's back to school on Thursday. I'm not looking forward to that because I am way far behind already. I didn't get any of the work done over my vacation that I wanted to. It's all good though I am glad I spent my vacation earning extra cash for the road bike which hopefully I can order tomorrow.

I also set up the trunk rack for my car that my wife got me for Christmas.

It holds 2 bikes so I tested it out with both my wife's and my bike. It should work pretty well. Better than taking the front tire off and putting it into the trunk with the back seat down. Other than that I just cleaned my bike and just trying to get a little rest before getting back into the swing of working again. Later



Justin said...

wow, 15 races. that just sounds like alot. i am planning on doing all the psycowpath races, one or two heartland races and a few ncs races.
i have done some ncs races in the past but never any of the others. should be quite the learning experience.

Harp said...

yeah it seemed like a lot to me after I wrote it all down but it is pretty spread out from march through sept.

Harp said...

I also forgot to add let me know what races your doing and maybe we can split some of the travel costs.

Justin said...

in addition to the psycowpath races i would like to do the branched oak 12 hour race, the Cornhusker state games MTB race, and possibly either the Laramie Enduro or the Firecracker 50. Not sure if I will be ready for that kind of race though. There will also probably be a random Heartland series race thrown in as well.