Saturday, December 29, 2007

Too cold for me.

I went out today for a road ride. I learned a lot. I learned that when it is in the twentys with a 10mph wind it is to cold for me. It was one of the most punishing 22 miles I have every ridden. Shortly after I got out I felt very cold and thought about turning around and heading home but I kept at it and continued on. I wasn't feeling to terrible except for the fact that my shape didn't get any better in the last 7 days since my last time out. I need to keep riding like this. Longer extended rides of continuous pedalling until I get into better shape. But anyways at my turn around point when I started to head back is when I really started to feel it. The wind was blowing directly into me and I pretty much lost all feeling in my hands and toes. About 5 miles from home I went to shift and couldn't even tell when my finger was on the trigger. I also bonked big time. I hadn't felt the best the past few days and my diet had been slim so it's no big surprise. I creeped the rest of the way home in misery and pain. When I finally made it into my garage I just left my bike at the end of my wife's car and headed into the house. I was barely able to manage to get my helmet off. I came in and had my wife help me get my gloves off and I sat at the table and painfully let them warm up in front of a heater. After I regained the use of my hands I was able to take off my shoe covers and shoes and then just laid on the couch wrapped in a blanket in full gear and shivered for about 35 minutes. After that I made it into the shower and stood under the warm water until it went cold. I learned today that I can't ride in this kind of cold until I get some better cold weather gear. Which believe me I was looking at this afternoon. I know I need better gloves the fox anti-freeze gloves just don't cut it when it gets into the thirties or below. I also need a riding coat and better insulated tights. The only thing I can't figure out is how to keep my feet warm. My toes still don't feel right and I had on a pair of regular cycling socks with a pair of t6 woolies over them, then my shoes and shoe covers. I'll have to keep working on that one. If anyone has some suggestions let me know. The only part of me today that wasn't frozen was my head thanks to my pearl izumi skull cap (thanks mom).

Well that's enough of my whining. For some reason I think that is why I have this blog so that I have a place to whine about my cycling issues and there's many to whine about. But I even get tired of reading it. Gotta head down to my grandparents tomorrow to finish off the christmas season. Later.


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Crewcabrob said...


Sorry to hear about your ride in the cold. I have to agree that just about no matter what you do, your feet are going to end up cold. I have a lot of cold weather gear, much of it with Gore-tex to keep the cold and wet out, and I still can't seem to keep certain parts warm. I do have to applaud your determination; my last cold weather ride in similar conditions I made it 5 miles before I wimped out. I must be a sissy....

I got your email about Saturday. I'm a little in the air about the day right now; we are trying to finish up the holiday celebrations this weekend. Some family you just can't seem to nail a time down with for getting togeather. I'll run it past Huskers and see if we can meet up at Wilderness for a while on Saturday. My bike has been pushed into my office as a semi-permament fixture for weeks.

I'm going to shoot you an email on your other passion, cooking.

Talk to you soon!