Friday, December 28, 2007

Thinking about Racing and Grilling

Not much happening with me today. 1st of 3 days off and it was nice. Went with the family to the movies and then headed off to do my core workout. It was a decent day out and am regretting not pushing to get out and get a ride in. I haven't stayed on my training plan very well. I haven't really done anything since the 22nd but after doing more core workout and seeing how fast I lost the strength that I have built up. I barely made it through my workout today. I need to work on my schedule and make it a little more of a priority to get the time in for my training. I want to improve next season and if I don't work at it I'll stay mid pack in the beginner category and that is definetely not the plan.

Speaking of next season I'm starting to get the first of the race dates for 2008. I came across the heartland race series 08 schedule. I didn't do any races in this series last season but I would like to get some of them in. They are a little bit of a drive but I'm hoping to get together with some people and maybe figure out some co traveling or something. NSC Racing has put out their schedule and have the first race be an enduro race. It doesn't say how long but I want it is close so it may end up on my schedule. Just starting to look at race schedules is getting me more motivated to amp up the training.

If you got a second check out the newly updated bikepedalers website. I'm hoping to get a sponsorship from them for the 08 season. The guys at the shop are great and have put up with a lot of my questioning as I am always trying to figure out what I want or need next. I also stopped by the shop today to pick up some chain lube and degreaser. I talked about the road bike and it looks like I will be able to order it with the money I get on the 2nd from all of the work I did over my holiday break. The bike is not going to be as expensive as I first thought. so I should also be able to get the crankbrothers quattro pedals for it too.

Other than that I did accomplish something today and that is finally putting together the grill that I got about 2 months ago. It's nothing special but should be good for all of those low fat meals that I've been preparing. I've always been a charcoal guy but for convenience purposes the propane grill will work for the regular everyday meals. Later. Harp

The start:

And almost 2 hours later finally finished.

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