Thursday, December 27, 2007

Must See MTB Movie

I hope that everyone had a good christmas. I heard about the movie 24solo on the soiled chamois and have been wanting to see it. My wife had my mother in law get it for me for christmas. I was pumped to see it and it was not a let down. I have never done or seen a 24 hour solo race but this movie puts you right into the feel of it. You see them out there racing and starting to look tired and then you hear them say only 17 more hours. ONLY 17 MORE HOURS!!! Sounds awesome. I like the mental aspect of it. I plan on trying some endurance races this year. If you live in the Lincoln area let me know I let ya borrow it. Gotta go and get ready for work while I'm on vacation. I've almost got that road bike paid for. Later.



Justin said...

Love the blog. Sounds like you and I have alot of the same goals for next years racing season.

Anyway, I am a lincolnite and would take you up on the movie borrowing. My uncle did that race and is in the movie for a moment but I have yet to see it.

Keep up the winter riding. You are braver than I; I have been sticking to the gym.

Harp said...

Send me an email and we can get together sometime