Sunday, January 13, 2008


What a crappy way to spend a weekend. Yesterday I woke up and my jaw was hurting. It bothered me all morning and only got a little better with ibuprofen. I tried to go out and get a ride in and but I just couldn't handle the cold. About twenty minutes into it my thumbs where pretty much frozen and I wasn't feel any power or energy so I turned around and headed home. I just got worse as the night went on.

I woke up today and my jaw felt fine but know I have tons of pressure behind my cheecks and eyes. It was probably warm enough for a ride but I just didn't have the will or the energy to get out and try it. I have spent most the day imobile on the couch. My wife thinks I have a sinus infection like she had about two weeks ago. If it ain't better by tomorrow I guess its off to the doc and see if I can get this thing taken care of.

I have this deep feeling of guilt that I haven't even got a core workout in and my constant paranoia of losing the little bit of form I have is teriffying me. Sorry for the bummer of a post. But it's the most I've done all day. Later.