Monday, January 14, 2008

Feeling Better

I felt about a thousand times better today then yesterday. My additude is better and my ridiculous paranoia that I had yesterday is also gone. Woke up this morning and all the pressure in my face is gone. I'm still feeling a little stuffy but still good. I came home today and blew through my core workout. It felt great. The rest this weekend must of paid off. By sometime next week the training should go up to another level. I struck a deal with the wife and I will be getting a trainer for the road bike(which hopefully arives this week). I'm really looking forward to that. I need more time in the saddle. I think with the trainer I can focus more on my week spots. That's about all thats going on in my world right now other than trying not to fall to far behind at the college. It's amazing that it is only the second week of the term and I'm already struggling not to get lost in all the work I have to do. Anyways I'm sure nobody wants to read about my work so I'll catch you later.


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Bluenoser said...

I'm not going to say it. And who doesn't want to hear about your work? Everyone has to eat and you know how to do it with style.

Now where is that peanut butter? Covers up whatever the hell that is growing on the bread.