Friday, February 1, 2008

New Job

Forgot to mention this yesterday but I had a cool job opportunity come my way. Bryan one of the owners of Bikepedalers asked me if I would be interested in a part time job there in march when the business picks back up for the season. This is going to be a real cool job. I've never had a job outside of restaurant work so this will be new to me. I will be helping out selling the bikes. As much as I love the Marin bikes they sell I should have no problem conveying that when talking to people about the bikes.

I was hoping to get outside this weekend but it's going to be just a little to cold for me. So it will probably be some more time on the trainer. It's nice having it so I can get the work in but it doesn't replace the time outside. The intervals are kind of kicking my ass right now. It's definitely a good thing for me. I am going to try out some different sets just to change it up.

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Jason said...

Cool deal. Can't beat a job talkin' bikes. I also see you have the road bike and trainer coming together for you. Nice work. You'll be good to go come spring.


p.s. nice video about the Arbor Links. Saw it on your food blog. I'm ready for some Salmon and a cigar! ha!