Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A flat and my dieting Challenges

Advanced Warning: Ranting, bitching and whining follows!

It's just been one of those days. Got to work early and it started snowing and half of my nine o clock class was late and totally threw off my plan for today. No big deal made it through ok. Then lunch hit,I'll talk about that later. Made it through the afternoon and a late meeting and heading home for some tempo time on the trainer. Didn't really feel that into it today but I've got to work late tomorow and I'm going to be out of town at a conference for the rest of the week so I figured I better get it in while I can. Put in a dvd I had to preview for work and figured I get two things done at one time. I started spinning and was starting to feel better and about ten mintues into it the piece of *%$# dvd player in the basement stopped working. Off the bike to turn it off and grab the MP3 player. Back to spinning for about twenty minutes and then something started to feel off. Looked back and flat tire. Okay what is it with me that causes me to get so many flat tires. It's one thing when I'm outside but to get a flat when I'm on the trainer you gotta be kiddin me. So 30 minutes of interuptted tempo work and I'm finished. I probably should have just rested today anyways. My legs feel weak from all of the heavy intervals I've been doing since getting the trainer and I have some weird pain in the ball of my right foot. So tonight I got my first chance at changing road tires. Little bit tougher than the big mtb's. But finished and put away.

Now the second of my issues: my diet. It is really hard for me to stick to a good diet. I mean come on I work around food all day everyday. Iteach the classical stuff from back in the day when it was like "hey let's put lots of butter, cream and animal fats in everything and then for dessert we'll just add the fats and a bunch of sugar". I have been pretty good about not indulging and have been quite proud of myself for all of my weight loss. I'm just 8 1/2 pounds from my goal of 165 for this season. But last not my son wanted pizza and for some reason the hunger got the best of me and I just devoured several pieces and the only reason I stopped was because we ran out. Then I sat around for the rest of the night feeling guilty about it. Then this morning I get to school and I realize that one of the other culinary classes is putting on this enormous seafood buffet. You think that I would have remembered this since I placed and filled the order for all of the fish through the seafood company I consult for. So now I'm sitting there at this buffet of all this beautiful fish and again the hunger gets the best of me and I just chow. Really the fish isn't to bad it was prepared very well and for the most part with very healthy cooking methods but the flambeed dessert of fruit, butter, sugar and ice cream got the best fo me and I helped myself to a nice portion of it. Again then I sat around and felt guilty about it. No wait I'm still not done. I mentioned earlier that I'm heading to a conference for four days. What do you think it is all about? You guessed it food. And lots of it. It's going to be demos(which it will be nice to go to a conference and not have to do one) and try this and try that type of stuff. And since it's a bunch of chefs I'm sure there will be lots of booze. Which I have pretty much stayed away from since it was my biggest source of empty calories. But what can I do? I'm very passionate about food and have been for quite a while. Hopefully I can keep myself under control this weekend and not get to out of control with my eating and try to stick to just the tasting. We'll See. Later.


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Bluenoser said...

Ditch the speed work and go for a week or two of fat burning mode.

That or get a job testing full coverage motorcycle helmets for days at a time.