Sunday, February 10, 2008

Back in Town and Back on my Diet

I'm finally back home. Been away at a conference since Thursday. I've been going through internet withdrawl. The hotel I was at only had wireless access and my work laptop doesn't have a wireless card so I was out of luck. It's nice to be home and I'm looking forward to getting back into my routine and bakc on my diet. I've done nothing really it seemed while I was at this convention but eat and it wasn't the most diet freindly food. I feel like I gained 15 pounds over the weekend. It is good motivation though to look at most of the other people at the conference (they definetly follow the saying "never trust a skinny chef") and make sure to stick to my plans but I could only hold out for so long. It's a chefs conference you have to eat it's part of the learning experience.

I did get some time in pedaling while I was there. Not my first choice put it did work.

When I walked into the fitness center at the hotel this was the best they had. It's not my road bike but it worked for the 4 days I was gone. The TV in it is nice though. I watched the preview for the 08 tour of california on versus. Great motivation while I'm sitting on this uncomfortable seat sweating my ass off.

Bonus when I got home though. Some new socks for me and my wife from Twin Six. I had to have a pair of these and I thought the wife would like a matching pair in pink.

Other than that I'm tired and need to get to bed for the start of a new week of better dieting and training. Only about 3 weeks away from the first race. Later.

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