Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Legs of Jello

Been trying to ease myself back on the bike slowly after my weekend eating bing at a conference. I've had quite a bit of catching up to do so I've been keeping my week night workouts a little short. I've been thinking about my training and have been wondering if I'm on the right path. I feel like its working (if when your done you can barely walk) but I'll have to wqait and see. Here's my new plan to do for the next couple of weeks before my first race of the season on March 2nd.

Monday-Interval session 1

Tuesday-Interval session 2 and core workout


Thursday- Interval session 1

Friday- Interval session 2 and core workout

Saturday and Sunday-If weather permits long ride outdoors or Intervals and tempo work on the trainer.

My interval sessions that I've started this week are this.

Session 1:

  • Warm-up-8 min
  • Max effort- 1 min
  • Recover- 1 min
  • Max - 1 min
  • Recover - 1 min
  • 5 x2- with 2 minutes recovery in between
  • Recover-8 min
  • 5x2-with 2 minutes recovery in between
  • cool down-10 minutes

Session 2

  • Warm up-10 min.
  • 321 interval- 3 min up tempo pace, 2 min-fast pace, 1 min- all out
  • Recover-5 min.
  • 321 interval
  • Recover 5 min.
  • Max Effort-2 min.
  • Cool down-10 min

Hopefully these look good. I am still working on improving my core workout. Need to lose a little bit of baggage in the mid section still.



Bluenoser said...

Hey if your wife likes lobster why not get her this kind of lobster for Valentine's Day.


Harp said...

Love the lobster cycles. Thanks for the link B.

Judi said...

What gears are you riding in on your trainer?

Harp said...

Heavy Gears (52-42) with medium resistance on the trainer. Trying to spin fast and build up my anerobic condition. For the most part I'm just kind of guessing. First year really training and still trying to learn about road bike gearing and such