Friday, February 15, 2008

Working and Training

Finally the work week is over. It's always fun to go to a conference and do something different but the catch up work sucks. Not much happening with me lately just trying out my new training schedule. I feel like I should be doing more but this is working into my schedule well and with my first race just a little over two weeks away I don't want to try and push it to much.

As I was doing my cool down section on the trainer tonight I was thinking about the rejection letter I got today from a company I had sent a sponsorship app to. Know I never really thought I had a chance of getting one from this company but it never hurts to try. No big deal I'm new to racing and I don't have a great race pedigree to show people but I am working my ass off to get better. if I work at it hopefully some things will go my way in the future. The way I look at it I'm lucky to have the two supporters that I got know. But nobody likes rejection and it does serve as great motivation when I'm sitting there spinning thinking how the next set of intervals is going to hurt and I just spin a tad bit faster.

It's supposed to get up to 40 tomorrow and I was hoping for some outside time but I got a call from the Links and I've got to interview some people for a position that needs to be filled so it looks like more time on the trainer. I haven't minded the trainer to much yet. It's not near as good as being outside but I went to long without one so it's nice to be able to get the work in now. Later.



Bluenoser said...

Way to go harp. Keep up the good work.


Jason said...

keep it up man. Hey I've had more than my share of those letters. Don't fret them man. There are THOUSANDS of guys looking for help. Just keep working hard for yourself. The rest is just gravy.