Monday, February 18, 2008

Rollin' through 100 post

Wow, this is my 100th post. I've been trying to think of something write about but there really isn't to much happening bike wise. It's Feb. in Nebraska and I'm to big of a winter wimp to go out and ride unless it is at least 40 degrees. I'm used to spending my days in a 100 degree kitchen in a full chef's uniform. I get cold easily. Anyways bike wise like I said nothing reallly happening except I'm really pushing hard this week on the trainer before I take it a bit easier next week cause of my first race which I still don't feel that I'm ready for.
Other than that my time has been spent working, taking care of puppies and dreaming of some single track in July.

If you get a chance check out bluenosers post about kids and bikes. It really brings back some memories and makes me remember how I lived on my bike as a kid and I find it funny how I've came back to it as an adult. It also makes me think of my kids and how they love to ride their bikes. I cherish the rides I take with my daughter to the park(my son has friends in the neighborhood and doesn't want to hang with dad as much anymore).

Well that's all for my 100th. I'll leave you with this picture my daughter took when I was on the trainer yesterday. Don't make fun of my head band it works the best. She caught me at the end of and interval. I feel like I'm about to pass out. Later


Primal said...

Mate I wish I looked that good after an interval, I think I'll setup the cam and take a pic to compare. Popped over from Kerkoves site.

millhouse said...

With all this talk of intervals and trainers you are starting to sound like a sport class racer. You're making me nervous.