Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Heading to Landahl

Just wanted to ask if anybody from the Lincoln area is heading down to Independece MO on March 3rd for the Truman's Big Love Mountain Bike Race. Just looking for someone to carpool with. Let me know if your interested. It should be a good time. I've heard good things about the track.


millhouse said...

I thought pretty hard about doing this race. But in order to proffer good will with the wife, I am going to keep my races in state and local until July. Then my new obsession will be fulfilled:

Harp said...

Thanks, for the link to the race. You got me thining about it now.

millhouse said...

Here is a really awesome ride report with pictures from 2005 (I think the course is only slightly different):

Supposed to be one of the best-run races out there. I haven't signed up yet, but probably will soon.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the race next weekend. I'm not heading down to the race but I'm gearing up for the first Psycopath race. I'm going to get out this weekend and ride too.


Harp said...

I'm going to be heading out on Sunday to finally get some time outside and on the mtb. Let me know if you want some company