Thursday, February 28, 2008

Race PostPoned

Yep, just as I figured the race was postponed the thing that sucks about it is that it was tentatively re-scheduled for a weekend that I'm going to be out of town. So it looks like this race is off the schedule but I have a couple of others that I've come across that I'm thinking about.

Since there is no race this weekend I got back onto the regular training routine tonight. I had been taking it a little easy on the training since it was a race week(only a little, I've still got a ways to go). It felt nice to get back at it with a little bit longer time on the bike and I added a few more intervals into the routine. I think I was also trying to get ahead since I got a friends wedding tomorrow and I will probably have a few beers more than I would like. I have almost hit my weight goal for the season. This morning when I weighed in I was only 2 lbs over(getting closer). Gotta go.


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Bluenoser said...

Oh those beers. It's a killer in race season. Hot beer, beer fat, fat slow. What to do?