Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What a Tease

Warning Ranting follows:

Mother nature is a teasing bitch sometimes. C'mon Sunday was beautiful with temps in the low 50's and sunny. Then Monday rolls around and here comes some Ice, Snow and Cold Temps. Is this winter ever going to end. It's funny how I couldn't wait to get a trainer and know I'm starting to loathe it. I want to ride outside again that is what cyclists are supposed to do. And to top it all off I looked at the website for the race this weekend and it might get canceled cause the trail is probably going to be to sloppy with rain expected this week. That's what I get for hoping to race in the first week of March.

Ok, now that I have that off my chest I feel much better just hoping to get to race this weekend and if not just get some time outside. Dropped off the bike at the shop today to get it ready for the race season. Should be nice but I think after this race I'm need to put some new tires on it. Just got to figure out what kind to get. After that the only other thing I'm thinking about upgrading on it is the saddle (or until I break something else which I tend to do). I'm going to start testing some out soon. I'm kind of holding out on any big upgrades to this bike in the hopes of having one of these for next season it never hurts to dream.

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