Monday, February 25, 2008

Sloppy Rail Trail Ride

Man it was nice to be outside again. With temps topping out in the low 50's it was a great february day to get out and ride. Headed out on the Mountain Bike after fixing the flat that it had after not being ridden in a month in a half. I hopped on the commuter trail near my house and headed out towards the rail trail to see what kind of shape it was in. Well the trail head was in full sun and was in good shape for about 2 miles and then all of the sudden it just turned into random sections of Ice/Snow/Slush mix and for most of the ride it felt like I was riding with a flat tire. Probably should have turned around once it started to get wet but I'm not that smart and I was so happy to be off the road that I just kept going. Ended up getting a couple of hours in outside and a great workout from the less than perfect rail trail conditions. Of course I feel a little guilty cause its probably not good for the trail to be on it when its this wet so I will probably just stay on the road until it warms up and drys out.

After the ride today I was reminded of some of the maintence the mtb needs so it is probably going to be heading into the shop for a little bit of love from the boys at BikePedalers. Probably have a new chain, rear cassette and new cables put on to get it running a little smoother for race season.

I brought the camerea but didn't get it out much cause it was just to wet but here's a couple of the pics that I did take:

Nice to be back out outside on something other than the road

An idea of how dirty I got today. You can barely read what's on the down tube.



Anonymous said...

The wife and I got out on Saturday for about 6 miles. Ryan and I got out for a ride this weekend too. We hit most of the paved trails in town on Sunday. When I got home, the wife and I went out for another 8-9 miles. I sure felt it Sunday night. I figure I put in at least 25 miles this weekend. Just proved to me I needed to get out more this winter and ride.

About 3 weeks ago, Ryan and I hit the Jamacia and rode about 4 miles in similar conditions. Not much fun to skid around on the ice then fall through the crust. I'll keep my riding up so we can get out again some time soon. Justin, you up for some riding soon too?


Harp said...

Sounds good. Hopefully the weather holds out and we can keep riding.

Judi said...

Man, you are lucky to be able to ride outdoors. I feel like spitting on my trainer these days.

millhouse said...

I am definitely ready to get out there and do some riding. Still have some kinks to work out getting used to my new bike before the race season starts.