Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Back in the basement

Hit the trainer for about an hour of fun, riding going nowhere intervals tonight but in the end it felt good to get some detailed focused training in. After my busy day for all my bitching about it it gets the job done.

I had an easy but mind numbing day at work today. No students just a day working on grading and getting my stuff together for next term. I hate these days. It's nice to get caught up but I didn't become a chef to sit at my desk for 8 hours. Nothing wrong with it but my add just can't handle it. I got to be up moving around or I can get pretty agitated. I was happy to see the afternoon come and I could head to the bike shop. Not really that busy there but I was up doing things(mostly test riding some of the new bikes).

Lastly I got to give a congrats out to fellow rider Ross. Ross graduated from our culinary program at the college tonight. He is one of the guys that I ride with a lot and he is going to be a good chef with good things in front of him. I finished off my day stopping by his graduation party. I had to eat a little bit of the food even though it was later than I wanted to be eating. Glad I did. Good stuff. Later.


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Bluenoser said...

I'm back indoors today. Jane and hail/snow. That's ok onto the weights plus I'm building up the new race bike which make being trapped indoors a little easier.

Good to be there for you're riding pals.