Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Training against the wind

I was able to leave work a bit early this afternoon cause I've been going in earlier in the mornings (my plan for more saddle time) and I was going to get home and head over to the pioneers for some up hill training action. When I got home I had to wait for about an hour for a guy to come by and take a look at the puppies. He was a nice guy and we were glad he got a dog from us and I'm sure it went to a good home. But the problem was that it cut into my saddle time cause I had to go to a parent-teacher conference for my son at 6:45. So I finally left my house a little after 5 and headed out on the road bike. It was a little chilly today and the 10-20 mph winds didn't help but I overdressed. I could have lived without my jacket. I rode out for about a 4 mile warm up ride with the wind on the way out and against it on the way back. When I hit the park I quickly realized that it was going to be rough. The way I run my loop through the park I get a little over 4 miles in per lap and all the big climbs. The problem is two of the 3 big climbs were going right into the wind. Extra tough with some extra pain and I loved it. The legs still felt a little lacking but I was glad to be out riding. I only had about an hour to ride so I got in 3.5 laps and with that and the warm up and the ride home I figured I got in about 20 miles. I was hoping to get in at least 30 but this will do for now.

Tomorrow I got to help out at the shop after I'm done at the college so it will be another night back on the trainer for me but it's all good because after tomorrow I'm on break from the college for a week which translates into guaranteed extended saddle time for me and getting to spend some extra time at home with the family since the kids are also off for spring break starting Friday. Know I gotta go finish some work for the links and get ready for bed. Later.



Hilton Meyer said...

Lucky you got out. Also trying to get to work early to make up for some lost work hours. Mid-week and I'm buggered, so I'll see what happens this weekend at the race.

crewcabrob said...

The wind was horrible! I got out for a couple of rides yesterday and the wind was killer. Still, it was good to get out and ride, even if it was the paved trails.

My wife over dressed for our evening ride and was hot. I've been abnormally cold for over a week and even with my jacket, gloves and tights on, I was still chilled.

I may stop at the shop today and pick up some supplies and oreder the mineral oil my Mavic hub takes for lube. I called the shop and they don't have any in stock but can order it for me.

17 more days Harp!

Harp said...

Yeah, I'm counting down the days too. I'll be at the shop after 3. Talk to you then