Tuesday, March 4, 2008

No Go

I'm not sure what it is but the last couple of days I haven't really had the energy or the drive to really train. Yesterday was a busy day and I didn't end up on the trainer until about 8:30. After I got through my warm up and started the intervals the legs just weren't up to it so I ended up just hitting a nice big ring tempo for about 45 minutes. Not to big of a deal I just didn't feel like I accomplished that much.

Today rolled around and I was supposed to meet with some people about a possible consulting deal but plans changed and the meeting didn't happen so I was left with the night I was supposed to have off and wondering should I train or not. I decided that I just felt a little drained and to take it easy and start back up again tomorrow.

My diet hasn't been the best in the last week either. I don't feel like I'm eating garbage or overeating but I've been catching myself falling back into my bad snacking habits lately. Then I kind of get down on myself. Changing my eating habits has probably been the most beneficial part of my training but also the most difficult. Man now that I start to look back at this post it's kind of a downer. Sometimes I guess it helps to just say what I'm thinking. Kinda like my therapy.

On a lighter note I was happy to see when I got home yesterday that my shipment of nuun had arrived. I decided to give the Kona Cola flavor a try since the place I buy it in town doesn't stock it. I had some while on the trainer last night and it wasn't bad but I think I like the Lemon+Lime flavor the best so far but I think the caffeine in the Cola could be nice during some races.

Now I think it's off to rest some more and hang with the kids and try to get my mindset right to start back up on training tomorrow. Later.