Thursday, March 13, 2008

Park Hills, Light Spin & a Flat

What a good couple of days in the saddle. Both my rides over the last couple of days have been short but good. Yesterday it was off to pioneers park on the road bike for a little speed and climbing. The hills in the park are short but steep. I really love to hit the hills and get some out of the saddle grinding quick climbs in. I have found that I like to climb on both the Mountain and Road bike the only problem is that in the great plains of Nebraska there isn't a lot of long climbs just short steep ones. I have found the speed of a road bike a bit addicting. Yesterday was only the third time I actually had the thing outside since I got it. It has spent most of it's time in the basement on the trainer. When I hit the park with it I just pegged it and flew. Very fast and fun. I only had about and hour of sunlight to ride in so the ride in the park was short but I felt I accomplished what I needed to for the day.

Today I just planned on a light spin so I took out the bolinas for a little crushed gravel path action. Man I love the new pythons. They roll so much faster than the stock tires that I had gotten with the bike that I have been riding. I just really like the feel of them and can't wait to get them out on some singletrack and see how they handle on the dirt and some climbs. While I was out today I had my first flat tire of the season. I don't know what it was but the hole in the tube was easy to find. I have a feeling it was something that was in this dark tunnel I rode through that goes under some train tracks. I think that it probably a good thing that I can't see what is on the ground inside the tunnel not the best neighborhood you should see the looks I get. I did realize I am out of practice changing tires. For those of you that don't know me very well I have a tendency for some reason to get a lot of flats and last year I got real good at changing them fast. My first race was ruined due to a flat and my inexperience of not having everything I needed to change it with me. After that I got pretty quick at changing them. Hopefully (you can't see but I'm knocking on my wooden desk) I won't have as many flats while racing this season.

Well I'm off to finish my coffee and hit the bed I got a busy day at the college tomorrow and I got to head down to the links to write the spring menu. Not bad it was a planned rest day off the bike. Later.



crewcabrob said...

I'm thinking of going tubeless with Stans for just the flat reasons. I'm not as concerned about the weight loss or the lower pressures as much, but they are a nice added bonus.

Sounds like you got in a nice ride before dark. You need to get some lights. I love riding after dark!

Are you going to the Tomac event Saturday night? See you there if you are.


millhouse said...

I'm going to be there. Can't turn down the opportunity to get a free $$$ bicycle.

Harp said...

I don't think I'm going to make it. I'm working at Bike Pedalers during the day and hanging with the fam at night. I do hope to ride tomorow afternoon if anyone is up for a cold wet one.

Judi said...

Harp, and your climbing in the big ring, right? :)

Harp said...

Judi, of course I am