Saturday, March 8, 2008

Working, Judging, Training and Shaving

Man, busy past couple of days. But have been feeling well and training better. I ended up taking yesterday off from training (at the wifes request) to get a few things done around the house, scoop the snow and take her to the movies for a night out without the kids. Good times.

I spent most of today working at the school. We hosted a high school culinary competition so I had to be there to help run the show and judge the competition. It was a pretty busy day and it went by fast. The bonus to doing this today is it was all extra time so we can get the comp time later. I'm looking forward to sneaking out early on the nice days for some ride time.

After I got home I got in 1:45 of training time. A good 1:10 on the bike and :35 minutes of core work. Ahh the painful goodness. Felt really good on the trainer tonight. Got through the intervals I had planned better than I ever have and even added a couple of extra sets in.

Other than that nothing else to exciting going on. Just trying to plan out my week for what is now going to be my first race of the season next Sunday. I'm just hoping the weather holds. It looks like the temps are going to be nice all week and chill towards the weekend but it shouldn't be to bad.

I did decide to take the final big plunge into being a full fledged cyclist after reading this article on fattys blog this week. Leg shaving such a good time when you've never done it before. It's going to take a little bit of getting used to. When I've seen the other cyclists post about it on their blog they always show a picture. I decided not to put anyone through having to look at my white legs. I just didn't think it was necessary. I may take some of his advice when all my non-cyclist freinds start asking why.

Hey just a reminder if your local stop by bike pedalers on 33rd and B and get somethin while I'm there, say hi and check out the bikes. Later.



Bluenoser said...

Harp, about the legs. I just say this.

It lets you through the door into the club.


millhouse said...

My wife would kill me if I shaved.

Judi said...

My b/f hates NOT having his legs shaved now. You'll love it after a while, and you should most definately post before and after pix.

Good luck in your next race...

crewcabrob said...

Good luck on the de-forestation!

When are you working next Harp? I need to get some lube and other maint type supplies.


Harp said...

I'm working Tuesday afternoon and on Saturday morning for sure. Possibly more depending on my schedule.

Jason said...

I feel stupid WITH hairy legs. Hair free for 7+ years ;)