Friday, March 28, 2008

Would You Ride a Pink Bike?

So I'm at the shop the other day and we were talking about my upcoming race at Maskethine on Saturday. I raced the course last year and it's a pretty new track and still pretty bumpy. It was rough being on a hard tail. So as we were discussing this I said it might be nice someday to get a full suspension bike for some of the races on rougher tracks even though I'm a hard tail purest sometimes the extra squish in the back could be helpful. Bryan one of the owners of bike pedalers mentions that I could get a sweet deal on a 07 Marin full suspension rift zone. The thing is it's pink. I sold a Marin that was pink a couple of weeks ago and thought that the color was cool. It would definetly get noticed on the trail and at the starting line. I think that if I had the extra cash I would take advantage of the opportunity and get one but I still need to first get my Marin Indian Fire Trail. Like I keep telling my wife "I need the race tuned geometry". But I think that I could definetly rock on a pink rift zone. So I ask the question how many of you would actually honestly ride a pink bike? I know if I had the cash I would.

Other than that I'm just hoping for dexcent weather and saddle time. Tomorrow is a long day of driving 2 hours and judging a competition for 8 hours and then driving back home. I'm hoping to get some time on the trainer. Today was a rest day except for a early morning 40 min. core workout. Later.



Bluenoser said...

Just say you won it at the Giro. It's not pink it's Rosa. Remember the Team Telecom colours. Good enough for the pros...


millhouse said...

Lots of fast guys race pink bikes and accessories. I'm not fast.

Jason said...

I can find a billion reasons for a new bike. Even a pink one.

Looks cool. Nice to see you got the kids on new rides too. They must be geeked for spring now!

crewcabrob said...

Hi Harp,

I couldn't do a pink bike. Not because I think it really matters what color it is, but I don't need anyone else having another reason to make fun of me. My riding gives them plenty of amunition the way it is.

It looks like a super nice ride, but I think you will always wish it was another color. I guess you could buy it, race it on the courses you needed it for and then give it to your wife when you find a new one to buy. Otherwise, I'm with Justin on this one, I'm not that fast.

Cycling Phun said...

Pink might be faster than red... I'm just saying.
*Rock the pink bike, yo!