Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dead Legs & Missing Dogs

There's only one thing to say about today's ride: It Sucked. I felt horrible. My legs were like jelly. I'm not sure what the problem really was but I had no go in them and it only got worse as I kept going. When I left the house it was only about 35 degrees outside so I was also cold. I had to get out all the cold weather gear that I didn't think I would need this again for a while. After I started out I knew I didn't feel right so I headed in town for the paved trails through Town on the mountain bike. I kept trying to get up to my normal speeds and go and get something out of my ride but I just didn't have anything. I don't know maybe I pushed it two hard on the trainer late last night and then up again early for a ride just didn't work.

When I was pulling into my driveway after my horrible ride I looked at our fence to the backyard and two of the boards were ajar and the neighbor told me that she just saw our dogs run off. I ran inside and grabbed my keys and headed out in the car to look for em. My wife went out and found one and the other 2 where brought back my animal control who got them from some people who found them. I was relieved to find the dogs but it was kind of a crazy end after a bad ride and not a good way to start the day.

After that it was over to the shop for a little work and to try to get my bike ready for next weeks race. When I was out riding this morning I felt like my rear wheel wasn't quite right so I pulled it off first and trued it. This was the first time I trued a wheel and it is an easy concept but a little bit harder to pull off. After a little advice/help from another mechanic I figured it out and got it running nice and straight. Other than that the bike didn't really need anything and is ready to go for this weekend. The only question know is can I not ride it this week when I know the park is going to be dry and the track in good shape. Probably not. I always worry about riding my bike right before and race and breaking something and not having time to fix it properly.

When I got home from the shop My daughter and I went to do the weekly shopping and then I took the kids for an hour long ride. I took them out farther than they usually go. We took the rail trail and we rode onto the singletrack in wilderness a little bit but we truned around cause it was little bit wet and it was starting to get dark but my daughter really wanted to keep going so I don't think it will be long before we end up back out there again but we will probably start at a different part were the whole thing is nice and flat. It's always good to ride with my kids and see them get excited about riding their bikes.

Tomorrow is going to be a rest day after my dead legs of today and then hopefully a little bit of light training for the rest of the week as to not overdo it with a race in 5 days. Later.

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crewcabrob said...

My legs have been dead too. Not sure why, I haven't been abusing them this past week.

I hope the weather holds out for the race this weekend