Saturday, April 26, 2008

Feeling Good

I had a good day of training today. I was up early to do my core workout. I felt like sleeping in but I hadn't gotten any of my other core workouts in this week so I knew I would hate myself if I didn't. Once I was up and started I felt great and was glad that I did it. After that I ate and headed to the shop. While I was putting a bike on a rack I lifted it up and rammed the pedal into the back of my knee. I didn't hit it that hard but it must have been in the wrong spot cause it has been sore all day. After I left the shop it was down to the links for a little work and then back home. Made dinner and hung out with the fam for a while and then it was off to the basement due to the cold temps and rain for some time on the trainer. Really pushed it tonight. I was running late so I only wanted to put an hour in so I really uped the intensity and worked hard while I was on the bike. I felt great, no problems with the knee and had a good workout. While I've been on the trainer the past couple of days I've been re watching my newly acquired copy of Off Road to Athens. This movie kicks ass. The guys at gripped films do an awesome job catching the feel of mountain bike racing and it really makes it easy to work on the trainer while watching the pro's race at the uci's. Of course it really makes me want to get out and hit dirt but all we keep getting here is rain so I don't see any of that happening this week. If you haven't seen it check it out.

I'm hoping for some time outside in the morning tomorrow. Got to get my early Sunday training in. It's usually my favorite time to train all week. After I'm done I'll be taking the mountain bike into the shop with me to get it tuned and ready for the race next Saturday. Later.



Groover said...

Hope your knee is alright, mate. I haven't heard of or seen this movie so will see if I can get it down here in Oz. Thanks for mentioning it.

Le Blaireau said...

Those days come around every now and then but as soon as you hit the saddle you realize it was all for naught. There's nothing like wheels turning underneath to lift the spirit

millhouse said...

What kind of core workout do you do? I'd still like to borrow that other movie from you sometime.

Harp said...

Millhouse-I'll bring that movie with me on saturday. The core workout I do is mostly based on this one I got from bicycling magazine. If the link doesn't work send me an email and I'll get it to you that way.,6614,s-4-443-0-0,00.html