Friday, April 25, 2008

Training Schedule??

I've come to realize that with all of the stuff I have going on in this year I will never be able to have to much of a structured training schedule that I can stick to. Like today again I was supposed to be at arborlinks and then all of our overnight guests canceled and no need for me to be there tonight. This actually worked out pretty well for me. It's been a rough weak with a lot of stuff going on at home. The only time I've had on the bike this week so far was Tuesday's ride. With the bonus time tonight I spent an hour on the trainer. I decided not to overdo it cause I hope to be riding outside Saturday and Sunday. Like I've said before training time is training time and I'm just going to have to get it in when I can. I'm just hoping now that the weather starts to clear up (high in the low 40's, windy and rainy) and everything can dry out by next saturday for the race. Later.



millhouse said...

Let me know if you want to ride sometime this weekend.

Judi said...

I hate when stuff gets in the way of training. You must have it harder than me cuz I don't have kids, and I am not married.

Harp said...

Millhouse-I'm heading out early Sunday morning. Shoot me an email wtih you phone number and I'll give you a call if you want to head out with me

Judi-It is hard to train with all the stuff I have going on. I try to train when it doesn't take time away from my family but that is also challenging. Next year shouldn't be so bad.