Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Today the day flew by. I woke up an hour late and didn't get my core workout in cause I forgot to set my alarm. I never do that can't figure out how I forgot last night so that through me off a little. Busy day at work. I have already fell al little behind and am trying to keep up but it seems like all this extra shit like diversity videos and meetings keep me from doing my work. When I got home I had to do some gutter repair to the house and then I was able to get some time on the bike. I only had about an hour since I had some other stuff I wanted to get done tonight. I headed out to wilderness park to see if the track was dry enough to ride. most of it was dry with the exception of a few spots that I walked around other than that it was perfect. I really pushed it today with the lack of time I went all out race pace to see how I was feeling. Legs felt great and I flew through the track except for the f*%#ing idiot standing right around a switchback in the middle of the track talking on his phone. He saw me roll up and didn't even move. I just don't understand why go out and ride if your going to talk on your phone. Yeah I carry mine just in case but I'm not answering it. Later on towards the end of the ride I rolled up on another guy laying down next to his bike on the side of the track. He was cramping up pretty bad so I waited to make sure he was good and then followed him out of the park. Blazed the rail trail home and missed my time by 2 min. If I hadn't waited for the guy cramping I would have made it easy. I never could have done this last year so at least I know I've progressed since then. Not sure what tomorrow brings for training. My folks are coming up to see the kids. I'm hoping to get at least some time on the trainer if nothing else. Later.


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Judi said...

I hate it when life gets in the way of training.

Re: the velodrome - you would love it.