Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Riding

So I ended up being pretty fortunate and did not have to stay out of town on Saturday night for work which meant I was able to go out for my early morning training ride. I've said it before but I love going out early cause I have the park mostly to myself. I took the road bike out since I knew there was no was I would be able to get any dirt with all the rain we had the last week and I felt like a little speed and climbing anyways so it was a good choice. I ended up riding about 32 miles in the park which has the good hills so I got another good workout in when I didn't think I would have any time. After the training it was time for a little relaxing at home and then I headed to the shop for to work. I rode over today since I didn't have to go anywhere afterwards. It's was really nice to be able to ride my bike. Wish I could do it more often and it added at least an extra 10 miles of saddle time into my day.

I'm off to go finish watching the end of the replay coverage of Paris-Roubaix. Here's a little video of the last climb on my last lap. Later.


Judi said...

Hilarious video. We're off to the velodrome tomorrow. It's my 1st time. I'll post a video.

Aluguel de Computadores said...
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