Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kinda Dry Singletrack

After spending my whole day today at work I got home about 5 and thought I would head out and see if wilderness park was dry. To my surprise most of it was so I went in for some fast singletrack. The track was pretty dry except for some low spots and a some areas that were just swampy. Outside of these parts the rest was in perfect condtion and I really opened the legs and put all I had into it. I only saw a couple of other guys in the park so I felt like I had the whole place to myself. My legs felt good and snappy. I wasn't sure how I'd feel after yesterdays long and interval full trainer session. I tried to take some video of a section of the track with my camera just to see how it would work. Here it is I need more practice. I never really thought about how much your hands shake. Later.



Le Blaireau said...

Why am I at work!!!!!!!!!!!

crewcabrob said...

Wow, your fast throught there? Or maybe my player is running 2x or 4x the normal speed????

I had no idea that it would be drying out so well. Must be the wind

Cycling Phun said...

You'll be getting the lawsuit regarding the seizure you just gave me... :P

Harp said...

Yeah for some reason the video sped up from 43 seconds to 10. I can't figure out why.