Saturday, April 12, 2008

Training working and Training

Today was a day of off and on Training. Up at 7 for my 45 minute core workout. Then it was breakfast for me and for the kids and then off to bike pedalers for work. Kind of a slow day there today with it being cold and windy. It doesn't really put people in the buying bike mood. I did get my steering tube cut down on my road bike. It looks a lot better without the nub sticking out the top. I might take it down a little more but I'm going to ride it like it is and see. After I left the shop I got home helped the wife with some stuff around the house and then it was time for my scheduled 2 hours on the trainer. I felt really good today. I really pushed it and did more intervals at a higher intensity than I have done before. Feels nice to see some improvement. Then it was dinner and now it's time to kick back drink some coffee and catch up on some reading and a little work. Not sure what tomorrow will be for training. I got the open house at the college and I'm hoping to be done early enough to get out to the park for some laps on the road bike. Hopefully the weathers better. The wind looks to be drying things up so if we don't get to much more wind hopefully I can get some time in the dirt next week. That sounds real nice but I'm not holding my breath. Later.



Bluenoser said...


What do you think of Fatty's white bread and avacado for pocket food? Sounds good. You have any suggestions for food to take for a long ride. Say 4-5 hrs?


Harp said...

B-I think that the avocado sandwich would work pretty well. Everthing he said makes sense and it would fit all the needs. The problem for me is I'm not a huge fan of avocados. I am still working on more things to eat for long rides. I usually stick with the old pb&j. Other than that it's Bananas, powerbars, gels, shot bloks and trail mix. Nuun tabs for my water.