Monday, April 14, 2008

Wet Track

Today I headed out to wilderness for some more singletrack. After waiting all winter I just can't get out there and ride enough. Today I thought that I would take my normal route through the park and back which I didn't do yesterday. I should have done the same thing I did yesterday which was turn around and go back through the way I came. It is amazing how one side of the park can be pretty dry and the other can be a swamp. The back side which is how I at least I refer to it is a bit lower and still had a lot more water in it. Not just wet or damp trail but standing water. I ended up pushing and carrying my bike through and around most of it. It seemed like the whole time I was on the back I was on and off the bike. This part of the park I won't be visiting for at least a week and that is if we don't get any more rain. But singletrack is still singletrack and that is where I am the happiest riding.

After my trip through the park I came home and my kids wanted to go for a ride so it was a quick change of clothes (not heading out for a ride with the fam in my full kit) and then off with them for 45 minutes riding around the paved trails near our house. It's always fun to get out and ride with the kids.

All in all not a bad day riding. Got some good miles in. Not sure what tomorrow is going to offer as far as training time goes. Actually it is going to start to get real hard to get a normal training schedule in. Things are back to full swing at the school and everywhere else is getting busier so I am just going to have to take what I can get for the next 8 weeks until my summer break from the school. Can't wait. Later.



Le Blaireau said...

What d'you mean not wearing full kit with the fam. I'd wear my spandex to work and sit on a saddle all day if they allowed;)

Redbone said...

Hey Harp, when do you work at the shop next? I need to take a look at that trainer you have.

crewcabrob said...

Hey Harp, what part do you call the back side of Wilderness? If I start at the Pioneers parking lot and head south, is the back side past Old Cheney? That part seems to collect more water as it has nowhere to go.

I had Tonda and Jena in spandex last night. Jena uses some of my tights and gloves whenever she rides with us. I think she likes looking the part of a "biker chick".

Harp said...

Ryan-I'll be at the shop for sure on saturday morning and sunday.

Rob-Yeah past old chaney towards the far south end of the park.