Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Windy Ride

Today in Lincoln we were in a wind advisory all day. When I got home from work early which was a bonus cause I didn't think I would have time to ride today cause I thought I was going to have to work late. I was wondering to myself if I should ride at all because of the wind but it was over 70 out and I wasn't just not going to ride due to wind. I mentioned wind in a post before and bluenoser made a good point about it. He said something like "they still race in the wind". So I changed and headed out to wilderness for more time in the dirt. The wind was blowing out of the south and I was riding right into it. At times it felt like it took all I had to turn the cranks over. The big 40+mph hour gusts about tipped me over a couple times but I pushed on and had a great ride. The wind did help dry out the park more and I flew through it feeling great. I was kind of limited on ride time since I knew the kids were waiting for me so that they could go on a ride so I took the rail trail home. I had the wind at my back for the ride home so I just flew. I wish I could ride that fast all the time.

When I got home the kids just as I expected were waiting for me. They wanted to go to pioneers park which is also south of our house and I warned them that the wind was bad but they were still set on going so I changed and we headed out. When we got to the paved path which is in an open field they really felt the wind but trudged on like troopers. We had a good ride in the park. When we got to the hill that I use for climbing exercises it was funny to see my daughter fly down it fearlessly laughing the whole time. On the way back I was also impressed to see how fast my son went up the same hill. He really pushes the pedal sometimes and has really figured out how to use the gears he has to make the bike move as fast as possible. I can't wait to take him on some singletrack. My daughter will probably have to wait for singletrack. She could ride it but doesn't pay enough attention. She would be focusing on every bird, rabbit and squirrel she saw instead of keeping here bike on the path. Of course that part of her personality I completely adore.

Other than that tomorrow is an off day due to work from before sunrise to way after sunset. Thursday should be good though. No work in the morning cause we start our public dinner series at the school and I have to work in the afternoon and evening there so it will be saddle time early before work. Later.



Groover said...

We have strong head winds along the waterfront quite frequently. I call riding into a head wind "character building". :-) It's like horizontal climbing.

Redbone said...

What time are you riding on Thursday morning? I might be riding in the morning to.

Harp said...

If it is not raining I hope to be out by 8:15. The weather doesn't look good though.