Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My day off...........the bike at least

Today was a day of nothing but running for me and it was supposed to be my rest day. The legs got a little bit of rest at least but my mind is more messed up then normal. Here's how it went:

6am-Out of bed shower, trying to get all my stuff together and eat before I leave for work.

6:45-7:10-Drive to work. This is actually a part of the day I enjoy. Relaxes me, givesme time to think plus I like a morning radio show. The only thing better wouldbe to get to work by bike.

7:10-8-Get to work and start to set up my class for their lab practical exam

8-8:45-Give written exam which gives me time to check and respond to emails and sqeeze in a few minutes of checking out some blogs.

8;45-11:30-Give a massive lab practical exam. Lots of little things the students have to run through.

11:30-11;45-Drive to the main college campus where the other kitchen and my office is and swing by subway for a turkey sandwich.

11:45-12:30- Get into my office wait for my old and slow computer to start up(I get a new one this year finally) check and respond to more emails and eat lunch

12:30-3-Power grading earlier written exam and lab practical. This is several hours worth of grading and evaluating. At the same time I'm help all of the student in our program with questions they have about classes or help them when needed

3-4:45-Teach class. Menu writing, marketing and management.

4:45-5-Change clothes and head to the bike shop

5-7-Work at the bike shop. Really enjoy this part of the day. Change of pace and lets me think about my other obsession. CYCLING

7-7:30-Head back to the college and change back into my chef clothes and set up for my knife skills class. This is a non-credit class I teach for anyone wanting to learn more about cooking. I teach this for a little extra class plus its good pr for our culinary program.

7:30-9:30-Teach 11 people how to better use their knives safetly and how to chop a wide range of different vegetables easily and efficiently.

9:30-10:15-Head back home and onthe way I get a call from the wife asking me to pick up a couple fo things at the store.

10:15-10:45-Get home finally and talk to my wife and eat dinner. I hate eating this late but I was really hungary. I ate a little bit at the bike shop but was hungary again by the time I got home. I ate very sensibly though so I can live with it.

10:45-11:30-Chill, finish eating and watch and episode of deadlies catch(I'm a major seafood geek. It's my favorite show)

11:30-Check some blogs and write all this out.

Now don't get me wrong I'm not complaing here about my day or all I have to do I really wrote it all down just so I can see where my day went. The whole day seemed to fly by. Tomorrow is back on the bike one way or another. I have Thursday mornings off for the next seven weeks but I am going to whine a little about the rain we are supposed to have all day tomorrow so I will probably be forced back onto the trainer. I can live with it though. Trainer time is better than no saddle time. Later. I'm going to bed.



crewcabrob said...

You're a busy man Harp. Your wife must love you to let you be gone this much and then spend time training all the time.

Thanks for the call last night on the Marin. That was way above and beyone the call of duty! I wish I could have been more attentive on the phone, I had mineral oil and crap all over my hands from working on my disc brakes. The front wheel has been rubing a little, and I found one of the pistons stuck. Sometimes it seems I'm doing as much maintance as riding...

Judi said...

Harp - you had a long day. I hate long days like that. Dominic works at our bike shop for free and they sponsor him and give him free stuff all the time. He loves working there, as most grease monkeys such as yourself.

millhouse said...

I might have to check out that knife skills class. I only know the skills that TV has taught me.