Sunday, May 11, 2008

1 week

I've been thinking alot today about next week is the start of the busiest stretch of my race schedule. It all starts next week with a 6 hour endurance race followed by another 12 hour 6 days later followed by two xc events the following weeks. Part of thinks that 18 hours of racing within a week of each other is a little crazy. Hell what do I know I've never done any kind of endurance racing before. I've always done xc events. I'm a little curious to see how I do.

The biggest obstacle I think I'm going to face in the endurance races is nutrition. I think I can keep myself hydrated but I'm still trying to figure out what to bring with me. It makes me nervous since I've had stomach problems from not eating correctly in a couple of my xc races let alone 6 hours on the bike.

Another big worry for me is my bike situation. I'm hoping my new bike gets here early enough in the week for me to have time to get it built and dialed in before spending six hours on it. I don't know if my current ride can handle it. It's been having some problems and I don't really want to drop much money into it when I got another one on the way. The new ride got held up cause Marin is out of the size frame I ordered which held it up. I ended up ordering the next size bigger since I was right in between the two sized anyway. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it gets here soon.

Yesterday morning was a tough. It was the funeral for Bryan the co-owner of the shop. Several of his friends and those of us from the shop rode to the funeral. It ended up being quite a sight. About 40 people on bikes making the 30 block ride to the church critical mass style with 3 of us from the shop leading the way.

As far as training has been going it's been off and on. I had a good day today with time on the trainer(I wimped out going outside cause the temps were in the 30's with 15-25 mph. I hate the cold) and a good core workout. Tomorrow I got to head to see my mom for a belated mothers day and hope to get out on the dirt on Tuesday. Then the rest of the week is up in the air due to work at the links.

Here's some pics (thanks Tom) from last weeks race. Later.


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Judi said...

I really like Hammer gels the best. Keep those on you for about every hour. Nutrition is so important for endurance racing. You also need a watr bottle full of Hammer electrolyte mix. Good luck. Hope you don't break your ass too bad!