Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bluenosers Book Report

So last week my friend bluenoser tagged me with the task of a interesting sort of book report and since I have nothing else to talk about since it was an off day of training since my ride at Branched Oak was killed by the rain I will finally get to it. Here are the rules of the report:

Here are the rules;
1. Find the book closest to you and turn to page 123
2. Locate the 5th sentence
3. Post in your blog the following three sentences
4. Then challenge five others to do the same

The book that was on top of the pile on my desk is a book I have been reading called The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan. Here's the section of page 123:

We think of grass as soft and hospitable stuff, but once it's been dried in the sun and shredded by machines-once it's become hay-grass is sharp enough to draw blood and dusty enough to thicken lungs. I was covered in chaff, my forearms tattooed red with its pinpricks. The other-Joel Salatin, whose farm this was; his grown son, Daniel; and two helpers-had gone off to the barn for something, leaving me with a welcome moment in the pasture to gather myself before we cranked up the baler again.

This section was really not a exciting part. The author was spending time on a farm to learn more about the process of where our food comes from in America. That is what the book is really about. Where our food comes from and the industrialization of it. He talks a lot about corn and how it is in damn near every processed food in some form or another and everything else that people don't really realize about the food chain we and industry have created. A good read I highly recommend it and I'm not even finished yet.

That's all for tonight. Hoping for an early AM training ride tomorrow than it's work the rest of the day. Later.


Oh yeah almost forgot the last part of this whole thing. I don't now to many people that haven't been tagged yet. Maybe Ryan, Justin, Rob, Travis, and Ross. Have fun with it.


crewcabrob said...

What happens if you don't have any books around you? I don't like to read that much. I pick up magazines, as I find the short, infomative nature of them easy to pick up and put back down. 4-5 pages of condensed material, and then it over.

For me, print is dead... My wife and kids love to read, I hate it.

I'll try to comply with a book that I got last year for Christmas, but haven't even cracked the cover on it.

Bluenoser said...

Way to go harp.