Sunday, June 22, 2008

Getting Back to Normal

I would like to start off this post by again saying thanks to everyone for your kind words and thoughts. My wife and I appreciate it. Even though I haven't met a lot of you in person I feel like you have become good friends.

After everything that happened my wife and I are just trying to get back to normal. She is recovering well from the surgery she had to have on Friday. She's pretty sore and uncomfortable but is doing ok. I have been tryng (key word trying) to take care of everything so she doesn't have to worry about anything but getting better. Unfortunately there is some things I just can't do as well as mom and she's had to jump in a couple times.

Bottles ready to go

For me getting back to normal is getting back on the bike. Yesterday I didn't want to leave in case my wife needed something so when she was taking a nap I spent 1:45 on the trainer. Today was an early morning road ride. I've been wanting to take my road bike out since I got a new crank on it and a new computer and an overall tune up done. I did my regular ride out to Branched Oak Park and back. I finished the ride with 38 miles in 2:11 going 17.8 mph. One of my goals is by the end of the year to finish this ride in under 2 hours. I got a ways to go but it was nice to get out and get some miles in. This ride today was very therapeutic and made me feel a lot better.

The Portofino post ride.

End Result

My goal was to make it home before anyone was up, which I did and the rest of the day was spent taking care of my wife, cooking, and I ended the day by taking the kids on a bike ride. Perfect way to finish off a day.

These pics are old but I liked em.

Right now I am super focused on racing. I missed a race this weekend and am really focusing on the rest of the season. I am thinking about adding a race in smithville mo on July 13th. It's almost a 3 hour drive but I'm itching to race, bad. The real focus is on the cornhusker state games. This was my first race last year and my first race ever. I didn't even finish a lap due to a flat tire and I was ill prepared. I want to really kick some ass in this years race.

That's all for tonight. Tomorrow morning is another early morning ride before I have to work at the shop. Later.



Redbone said...

Nice cateye. Looks like what I use to have.

Judi said...

It's nice when normalcy (is that a word?) returns after a traumatic event.