Sunday, June 15, 2008

Gravel Grinding

Went out yesterday for an early morning training ride with Ryan. Gravel is the best (and only) option for riding on the mountain bike since the rain seems to never stop. We left about 6:15 and headed north and found some gravel and just kept rolling. We ended up putting in about 25.5 miles. Felt good and I had a nice 2 days of some extended training time. My legs are feeling pretty good except I my left calf was feeling a bit strange yesterday but today is good. Not sure what today is going to bring for training since it has already stormed once this morning when I was planning on leaving and I have to head to the shop pretty soon. Hopefully my road bike will be finished getting its new crank put on soon and I can get it back and have it for the trainer if I need to. Hopefully time outside happens. I'm not ready to get back inside yet.
Here's couple of pics from yesterday:

Miles of Gravel.

The sun up shot of Ryan.

Check out our route here.


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crewcabrob said...

Nice to see you guys got out for some miles. I know Ryan had to be excited to get 25+ miles in as I don't think he has had much time to ride recently.

The grips are cool! and I really like the pack, but I don't have that much to spend on one.