Friday, June 13, 2008

Summer Break and going Green

Today was the first day of my summer break from the college. It's pretty nice when I keep thinking that I don't have to go to my full time job until July 10th. I'm looking forward to start getting out on the bike every morning on a regular basis. I'm just hoping now that the rain and weather is behind us so I can start to get some more time in the dirt. Right now the best option to spend time on the mountain bike is gravel roads. I road about 20 some miles of gravel roads today and got a good workout in but I would much rather spend my time flying on tight singletrack in the woods but the local course is underwater and I'm pretty sure the others in the area need some time without rain before they are really ride able again.

Today was also my first ride testing out my new Ergon Grips. I got the GX1's for the Fire Trail. I liked the green so I went with the team grip. These things are super comfy. I've always had a bit of a problem with my hands going numb and being sore but I think that these grips should take care of that problem. Riding with them really gives a different feel and the size is just perfect for my hand and for me to reach my shifters perfectly.

Last week I also got the Ergon Pack. It's also another great product this company puts out. It adjusts in several ways to get a perfect fit and the flink ball joint in the back gives me excellent movement. I bought the pack to take on some of the longer rides I'll go on where I may need to bring some extra gear with me or just when I'm commuting. I have a hydration bladder for it but won't use it very often since I don't race with a pack.

Now I better get to bed I'm meeting Ryan at 6:15 for some early morning gravel before I have to go to work at the shop and then a wedding after that. Later.


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Travis said...

Glad you're getting more time in the saddle again.

I've been running the GX1's now for about 3-4 months and love them.