Wednesday, July 2, 2008

2 Rides

I got out early in the AM for a great spin through wilderness park. The park is finally dry enough to really ride and it's nice to get some time on singletrack which I desperately need. I feel that some of my the offroad feel has been lost due to limited time on singletrack cause of the rain(which it is doing again as I type this). I did feel pretty good and had a nice flow through the park except that I stopped to move a tree limb that was laying accross the trail and I'm not sure what I did but I must have twisted weird and my left side and ribs are really sore. I must have pulled something.
In the afternoon I hooked up with Millhouse and we went out to scope out area 7 at Branched Oak lake where the cornhusker state games will be held. Both of us are racing it and I haven't ridden that part yet and it's been a while since Millhouse had so it was good for both of us. The track in this are is a mix of a mowed path and some singletrack. There are lots of different routes where they could set up the course. We spent a lot of our time in the singletrack just trying to figure out where we had been and where we hadn't because the track just kind of loops in and out of each other and gets very confusing. I hope when the set up the race course they mark it really well. The disappointing part is that Area 1 where the race was last year is set up awesome and is a nice loop. I can't figure out why they wouldn't have it there.

After we rode all of the singletrack we decided to head out on the gravel and pavemet that runs along the outside of the lake. There is a nice long climb going in to the wind that felt great. After we finished with the gravel we went back into the singletrack to get lost some more and then headed for home.

All in all I had a pretty good day of riding. Not sure what tomorrow has in store for training. I'm going to wait and see what kind of rain we get. Here's a few pics from this afternoon:

Stopped and trying to figure out where to go.

Rolling on Gravel

Bikes loaded and ready for home.



Cycling Phun said...

That Marin frame is still sexy...

Redbone said...

Nice car rack.

Judi said...

Nice pix and you have been tagged!

Cycling Phun said...

Yeah, I regret to inform you that, against my better judgement, I too have tagged you on my blog. Please check out the post and post your reply. Again, sorry...