Thursday, July 3, 2008

Back in area 1

Went out to Branched Oak Lake again today to check and see what kind of shape the trails are in in area 1. These trails are my favorite place to train. Lots of climbing and then the opposite lots of descending. Descending fast is my biggest weakness and something I need to get better at so it was nice when I got there and found the trails to be in excellent condition. There was some places where it was pretty overgrown and some downed tree limbs but other than that the dirt was in good shape. It felt really good to be training on the dirt and climbing which I love.

Tomorrow I have plans to head out to Branched Oak for a 3rd consecutive day with Rob, Millhouse and Ryan. It should be a good time and will be good for everyone since we are all racing there in 2 weeks. I was happy to find out earlier that we will be racing in area 1 and not in area 7. Yesterday I rode area 7 and it was not near as good as area one plus I know are one really well.

After the ride this morning I had to give the bike a good cleaning. It's funny how I never wash my car but I have washed my bike 4 times in 3 days.



Highwaymunky said...

Happy Independence Day!

Judi said...

I never thought about how many times i wash my bike compared to my car. LOL. I wash my bike a TON too.

bikingbadger said...

O also find climbing the best par tof heading out. My theory is what goes up must come down so the harder you work going up the more fun it'll be flying down.