Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bike Lusting

I have major bike lust issues. My wife is starting to go crazy with me always talking about the next bike I "need". I was doing pretty good only really thinking about "needing" a couple of bikes. The first one being this and then after that would be this.

That was until about 5 minutes ago when I was on my lunch break and cruising the Internet and came across this article and saw the partial picture of the one of Marin's new 2009 bikes. It's the Team CXR Hardtail. I don't have any more info other than this article but it looks sweet and they are saying it is their ultra lightweight race hardtail. All I can say is: SWEET and I need one. I hope my wife doesn't read this or I'm dead.



Fat Lad said...

I'll read your eulogy mate, I do a good eulogy...

Fat Lad

Cycling Phun said...

They make the frames with crack... always makes you come back for more.