Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Foul is the best way to explain my mood lately. Between the constant rain and threat of storms which keeps me from riding to far from home and keeps the singletrack trails to wet to ride and work at the club being more frustrating every time I go in I'm just grumpy, mean, short-tempered and pretty much unable to relax and decompress. And the thought that my "vacation" from the college completely sucked and ends on Wednesday doesn't help either.

I need some re-motivation. The weather is killing my cycling mood and I am completely frustrated with cooking in NE right now that I'm about to walk away and find something else to do. I've worked my ass off my whole life to learn to cook great food and everyday I go in and it's never appreciated. I think that most people would rather just have chicken fried steak slathered in gravy with instant mashed potatoes and I just can't bring myself to cook that kind of food.

Sorry for the rant. I better just stop now. I'll come back when I've straightened myself out.



crewcabrob said...

Don't let it get you down Harp. I cook dinner for my family every night and most of the time, they only find things to complain about. Every once in a while I get surprised that they actually like something and thank me for it.

Riding has been horible this spring/early summer. What happened to our hot dry summers? I'm heading out for pavement miles after work for a tour of South Lincoln's bike paths. It may be the only way to get miles in before our next race.

Bluenoser said...

What about the book harp?


Harp said...

I've put the book on hold till this winter when I'm a little less busy at the club, on the bike and I also have a big certification exam to take in October that I have to get ready for.

Judi said...

Aww Harp. I hope August is extra dry so you can ride, race, do what you need to do.