Wednesday, July 9, 2008

2 Flats and Possibly a Race

My wife has decided to repaint pretty much most of our house so we decided it would go a lot faster if she didn't have to watch the kids while doing it. So the kids were going to be taken to Neb. City to stay with their grandparents for the next few days. When my wife and I were talking about this I thought that it would be a great opportunity for me to get a 1/2 century in again before I start back up at the college tomorrow. I head out and make my through town and right before I get out of town my rear tire goes flat. No big deal a quick tube change and I'm on my way again. As I leave town and really get moving and start feeling good and realize this is going to be a good day in the saddle my wife passes me in the car with the kids and all is good. About 5 minutes later and about 10 miles out of town the ride gods decided to stick it to me knowing I only had one tube with me and my rear tire goes flat again. With no way to fix it I had to abandon the ride and call my wife to turn around and come pick me up. Luckily she wasn't to far away. It just seemed like a way to finish off a shitty couple of days I've been having. When I changed it later tonight I found a small piece of glass in the tire that I must have missed when I checked it after the first flat.

The bike getting the tire changed for the third time today.

On the other side of things I have been thinking about racing. I really need to race and I don't know if I can wait until next week for the state games. I have a couple of options for this weekend. What I really would like to do is head to MO on Sunday the 13th for a mountain bike race that's part of the midwest fat tire series. It's roughly a 3 hour drive one way but I think it might be worth it if I can find someone to ride with me. For some reason I don't like to travel to new places alone. The stress of finding the location for me really gets to me with no one else to help. I know it's lame but I always want to stay as stress free as possible before a race. So if anyone wants to go I'll drive and take care of gas. I can get 3 bikes on my car if 2 people are interested.

If no one wants to do the race with me in MO I've kinda been thinking about something strange for me to do instead. I've been thinking of possibly be doing a road race. This weekend is the Omaha cycling weekend and I might do the crit race. I don't know about road racing this year. I've thought about it for next year possibly but like I said I need to race and if no one is down for traveling with me it is the only option. I'll have to think about that.

Well I better go get ready to go back to work at the college. I'm pretty bummed that my vacation is over already since it sucked so bad but what can I do. I'm just trying to get back into a good frame of mind still.



Judi said...

Bummer ride. I hate when a ride goes bad and you have to stop.

Racing - now Harp. I raced in tri's last year and went to all my races ALONE. I did one about 2 hours away and found the park and all was cool. So I encourage you to do the drive yourself. You'll see that you can do it. NO stress about it. Plus you'll know when you are close cuz you'll see bikes. LOL.

Road race - totally go for it. You have the legs and endurance. Our bike shop wants me to do a beginner road race 8/2. Dominic is doing the cat 4 crit I think. I am scared though. You will be awesome.

Sorry so chatty - all caffined up this am. Judi

Bluenoser said...

Too bad about the ride. No rides for me the last week-ten days. Way too much work as usual for this time of year plus a wicked chest infection like I haven't had in years. I must be run down.

Go for the race it's always lots of fun.