Monday, July 14, 2008

I've been Stung

A couple of weeks ago I tried out some new nutrition products from a company called Honey Stinger. Great products made with Honey as the base instead of all the refined Sugars. I used it on some of the longer harder rides that I've done lately and was very impressed first with the taste and secondly with the results. The bar was so good I wanted another one. The energy chews I only had about 1/2 of cause the guys at the shop loved em. And the gels were awesome. I loved the way the gels went down and didn't feel heavy or make me feel sick to my stomach like a lot of the others did. The days I used their products before and during I felt great on the bike. I was so impressed that I actually contacted them with a sponsorship request and to my surprise they emailed me back with an offer. This is another sponsorship I'm really excited about. I dig the vibe of the company and their philosophy and the way they make their products kinda ties in some with the vibe I feel about my food. It's a good match. You soon will be seeing me sporting a new kit at some of the races.

My training plan for today never really happened as planned. I dragged myself out of bed this morning and willed myself onto my bike for planned hill climb intervals in pioneers park. It didn't get to far. On my first sprint around the pond I almost nailed 3 geese that I couldn't see from the glare of the early morning sun. One of them took off to fly and ran right into me. I'm sure it was quite the sight for someone to see. After that I turned around to restart and about 1/2 way through the loop my body gave me a big f*&# you and stopped working. So I went out of the park for an easy 1/2 hour spin and then went home. With the race this weekend the plan for the rest of the week is a day off the bike tomorrow (got to work all day) a light effort on Wed if I feel like it and hopefully a solid semi hard short training ride on Thursday. Maybe if the trail is dry even ride branched oak. And then light days both Friday and Saturday. If this all goes to plan my body should be ready to rip it on Sunday. I'm going to kind of play it by ear though. I have some sore spots from yesterdays spill. My thigh, shoulder and arm are pretty tender. I must have fallen harder than I thought.

The other plan this week to get ready to race is to get as much sleep as possible so I got to go.



Cycling Phun said...

Congrats on the new sponsorship Harp!

crewcabrob said...

Cool! Is there a local retailer for the product yet? I would love to sample a few of the products.

Ryan said you might want to ride tomorrow night at BO. Muddy? I bet it will be sloppy in some of the areas. Looks like rain again tomorrow or Friday. That could make for an interesting race this weekend.


Harp said...


No local retailer for yet but Bikepedalers might soon be the first one. I'll get you some samples when mine get in. I ordered plenty. After looking at the forecast my hopes for a ride in BO on tomorrow are not to high. I might just have to take a spin in town to loosen up the legs.

Travis said...

Congrats on the sponsorship man, good stuff

crewcabrob said...

Thanks Harp! I would be glad to pay for the sample of chews and a packet of gel.

Ryan mentioned that we might try BO tonight. Yeah, crappy NE weather may keep us ponding pavement tonight. Looks like rain for Friday and now Saturday too. I dobut that they cancel the race, as I don't think they can reschedule it. Mud for everyone.

I'll be in touch about the goodies and tonights ride.