Sunday, August 3, 2008

Just trying to catch up

Lately it seems like I've been getting my assed kicked by all the stuff I have going on. The past 3 days have been doubled up with the jobs and I've only been home long enough to sleep train a little and then off again. Today however was a day to just relax and spend some time with the family.

We decided to head out to Branched Oak lake today. The kids get to swim and I get to ride. I got in 3 good laps and was totally diggin time on the trails at the lake. Really good for training with lots of nice climbs and then the chances for me to work on my descending skills which still totally suck.

The heat today though was a killer with the heat index of 105. I do feel that I handle the heat pretty well and if I am smart enough to hydrate properly hot race conditions would be in my favor with all the heat training I've had spending 12+ hours a day in kitchens averaging a 100 degrees.

When I went out on my ride today I did get a chance to try out a new product that we are thinking about stocking at the shop. I used the dznuts chamois cream. Yeah something really nice to talk about on my blog but hey it's something almost all of us use or should use and can really make you a lot more comfortable especially when it 100 degrees out. With this being my first ride using I did think that it worked well and will keep using it to see how it works in the long haul.

lube em or lose em

Well that's about all the time I can spend on posting I got to get some work done for the school since I'm already way behind and we are only in our 3rd week of the summer term.


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