Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Humid and Soggy

On my way home from work I sat in my car and debated whether to ride on the trainer or tough it out and go out in the rain. By the time I got home the rain had stopped and I looked at the forecast and decided to go out for a real ride vs. a ride on the trainer. I'm not quite ready yet to start riding the trainer on a regular basis. As I left the garage it started to lightly rain but I was going to carry on. I kind of liked riding in the light drizzle and was feeling good and happy to be out on the bike. It was pretty humid which for me seems to work in my favor. I'm not sure why but I always feel a bit better when it's a little more humid. My body reacts to it well. I my 16 mile loop with a 4 mile detour through the park to end up doing 20.5 miles for the day. This was probably the biggest ride I'll do all week. I'm going to taper it down a bit for the race this Sat.

I'm also going to be putting in some extra time at the shop the next few days since a few of the guys went to interbike I'm covering while I'm on break from the college. Tomorrow is an off day from the bike. My folks are taking Amy and I out to eat to celebrate our birthdays. Mine is this Sat. and hers is next. Should be a nice time.



Judi said...

Happy birthday Harp!

Groover said...

I'm with you on the riding in the rain vs riding on the trainer. I prefer a "real" ride over the windtrainer anytime. How did you go in your race?

Harp said...

The race went well. Third place. Missed second by 5 seconds.