Monday, September 22, 2008

Recovery and Training

Tonight was a light night back on the trainer. After getting home from work I had a bunch of stuff to get done around the house and then it was off to my daughters soccer game. She scored her first goal of the season tonight so it was pretty exciting. It was fun to see her jump up with her hands in the air and a smile from ear to ear.

By the time I got home it was getting to dark so off to the basement for a short interval session on the trainer. I'm trying not to do to much and over do it this week with my last race coming up on Sat.

Here's a pic from the race taken by Adrian_O from the Califraskan Blog:

If you get a sec go over to the Twin Six site and check out their 09 gear. It looks pretty sweet. My birthday is Sat. so I may have to be giving myself a present.

Now I got to finish watching my fav football team the San Diego Chargers beat up on the jets.



Adrian_O said...

Super Chargers Fan? Womped on the Jets!

Harp said...

Yeah it was nice to finally get the W