Friday, September 12, 2008

No Race, Night Off, Flood and New Computer

Not much for posting this week. It's been a bit crazy. On Wednesday my wife and I decided it was finally time to get a new computer. Our's was in pretty old and we weren't sure how much longer it was going to last. So we headed to Omaha and picked up a new Gateway Notebook. It's nice to be able to move around the house and still be able to get online. Now I can blog from the couch when I'm in deep recovery. The new comp.

So getting the computer was fine on Wednesday night. The problem was when we got home we noticed a puddle on the basement floor. When we turned on the rest of the lights in our basement living room we noticed that the whole living room was soaked. Upon further investigation we found that the water was coming from our hot water heater in the laundry room was pouring water out of it. So we had to turn off the water to the whole house to get it to stop. We had to go the rest of the night with turning the water off to the whole house as we needed it. It was a nice $500 I didn't plan on spending this month. Luckily on Thursday my kick ass father in law who used to be a plumber took the day off work and came to Lincoln and installed a new water heater.
Good and Bad day today though. The Bad: Race was cancelled cause we've had rain for 2 days solid now and the trails have standing water on them. The race was postponed until next Saturday which means my last 2 races of the season will only be a week apart. Not to big a deal I haven't felt that great this week anyways. The Good: got a call from the Links saying the guests we had for tonight cancelled and I have no reason to work. That kicked ass. I needed the night to get some stuff done and since there is no race tomorrow I needed to get a good weekend of training in before I taper start to get ready for the race next weekend. So tonight I had an awesome night of training even if it was in the house and not outside. I got a 1 hour interval session on the trainer and then I got a full core workout in. The core workout hurt. Reminds me I need to start doing it more. I feel like a little chunky lately and the core workouts should help tighten things up.

Tomorrow it's a full on killer training session on the road bike and then off to the links.

Gotta go and hit the bed to rest up for an early ride.



Groover said...

When I got my laptop a few months ago I was ecstatic about being able to blog anywhere: On the terrace, on the couch, even in bed ... love it.

Sounds like your training is going well.

Bluenoser said...

Yes we plumbers are kick ass at times.


Judi said...

Laptops are fun. I love having D's around too. But I'd rather type on a keyboard than on the laptop keys.

The flood sucks! I had the same thing happen when my hot water heated busted last year, only it cost me 2k - be happy yours was only 500 bucks.