Saturday, September 13, 2008

Short Ride

The original plan for today was to go out early and get a good hard training ride in. When I got up I had a major headache and my stomach was in knots. I tried to get up and do something but it didn't get any better. I tried going back to bed but it didn't help either. So I got up layed around on the couch all morning and eventually I started to feel better. Around 1 I geared up and headed out for a quick ride. I still wasn't feeling 100% and I still didn't feel like eating anything. So I forced myself to eat a bar while I was on my way out. While I was riding I started to feel the effects of whatever was wrong with me this morning. I would go through times of feeling week and then go through times when I couldn't control my breathing and felt like my heart was beating like crazy and my chest hurt. When all that was happening I was getting a bit worried but I kept going. After a while longer I started to feel a bit more normal and ended up having a good ride and felt great by the time I got home.

After the way I felt this morning I guess it's a good thing that the race was postponed to next week. I doubt I would have done very well.

I still haven't decided what I'm going to do tomorrow but I'm kind of leaning towards a 1/2 century ride around branched oak. A trip back to last weeks race course. Hopefully the legs feel up to it, their feeling a bit tired now I'm feeling yesterdays core workout.


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millhouse said...

Robb and I are riding Area 7 tomorrow night at 6 pm. Come if you want.